X Games

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Now You Can enjoy the virtual sensation of gaming with X games:-

Gaming is one of the most used sensations, which is used all across the world. Generally, a game is an activity that is played for active interest. Although gaming is not done for a specific purpose its the most renowned entertainment sector which is performed in a wide-ratio all across the world. Computer games were the first gaming scenario ever introduced after that many other gaming sensations took place such as CDs, DVDs, PlayStations, etc.

Till today the games were only played digitally, but now angelium has broken all the borders a gaming sensation requires. We are presenting you with a virtual sensation of VR X Games where you can feel and play all the games at once. Angelium is offering you a feature called  Vr X games in which you can enter the virtual world and explore your game. Now, We have broken the borders of gaming. You don’t need any pc or keyboard to operate your games. We are presenting you with a platform where you can virtually enter the world of gaming and immense playing sensation as approximate to your desire.

You will get a wide range of gaming variety at angelium. You don’t need to stick to a single gaming sector angelium is giving you a chance to choose your one of the best games among them, Our desired categories for your gaming sensation are :

  • Fighting games
  • Jigsaw puzzle
  • Cooking games
  • Dressing games
  • Car games
  • Racing games
  1. Moreover, if a Vr X Games isn’t available at the platform, you can offer your desire, and we will arrange the game as soon as possible. Can anything be more satisfying than it? The thing you will need to do is choose the game which you want to play put on your toggles, and here the fun starts.

Stop!! The fun hasn’t ended yet still playing there is another big news for you too. You can even earn by playing games. So how’s the combination of entertainment and winning at the same time? You don’t need to suffer for these games. There isn’t a hard way for you to earn. Steps for earning while playing the game at angelium are mentioned below:-

  1. Signup or login at you angelium account
  2. Make your wallet account and join it with the tokens
  3. Attach the wallet with your blockchain items
  4. Connect it with the gaming sensation
  5. Join the game start playing with all your might and earn the point
  6. Convert those points into blockchain digital assets
  7. Exchange them on angelium
  8. And here you have started earning for Angelium

What are you waiting for ? Go and log in yourself at site.angelium.net